my 3rd home by Arquitectonica

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

“here at SM, we’ve got it all for you” how can one forget, it is only being played every hour in all SM malls in the country. I just came from the biggest member in the SM family. The Mall Of Asia (Moa). Then I came across this discourse paper assignment. I thought this is just the right time to do it.

SM Mall of Asia is said to be the 3rd largest mall in the world, just next to the top from China. It is almost 2kilometers wide, spreading its width at the tip of EDSA extension in Pasay City.

I saw how the Bay Area was reclaimed. I saw how they flattened the land. I saw how they stated construction till its opening in 2005.

Since Arquitectonica started with the Moa Project, I’ve been so excited to see what will it become, what will it look like. I was slightly disappointed though when the mall opened for public. At first I didn’t like how it looks. It kinda resembles Gugenheim in Bilbao by Frank Ghery. In some weird way it doesn’t also. The main façade of the mall didn’t work for me at first mainly because it isn’t the usual. But now that I think of it, it is a nice façade for a mall.

I loved shopping before I even had my first kiss. So when the Mall of Asia opened I was so excited to start shopping and roam the wonders of the mall. I loved my shopping experience there since the mall has 600 different boutiques and food outlets.

I appreciated it more when I moved to DLS-CSB wherein MoA became my 3rd Home (not Starbucks) I patiently roam and shop almost everyday during the first term, patiently waiting for my mom (we go home together).

With all my malling experience in MoA, I can say it has good traffic circulation, although I get tired of walking sometimes, but that’s just part of it I guess.  Signages are lacking though, one time my mom got lost and she had to call me while I’m at home just to find her way around the mall.

I think if the designers carefully located the signages as such the mall people can see it clearly.

I loved how MoA made some areas of the mall open (not air conditioned). Cause it shows how they value nature and the environment. The only problem is that since MoA is in the edge of a reclaimed area, just a few meters away from the sea, sometimes the outdoors smelled like fish, or the sea, or something really bad. Plus, these outdoor areas are really really hot during sunny days. I think they should have considered the fact that this mall is in a once part of Manila Bay area.

Overall, I liked the SM Mall of Asia by Arquitectonica (SM’s favourite firm). Looking forward to their future projects together like that of the SM cebu seaside, and the SM arena in Pasay that is said to challenge the 50yr old Dome in Cubao.




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